Murdoc is a system for documenting system management departments.

The site you are looking at now, is an implementation of Murdoc.

All documents of a system management department can be put in Murdoc for conveignient browsing and searching.

Murdoc comes with several tools for creating content, like:

All documents are placed in a directory tree on a Windows or UNIX server (the so-called Murdoc server). From this directory tree, a webpage is created (like the webpage you are reading this text from). The webpage contains a treeview that represents the directory with the documents. Murdoc needs a webserver like Apache or IIS to serve the webpages.

Murdoc contains a Full-text index system, for searching documents based on one or more words, like the way Google works.

Murdoc is open source software (licenced under the GNU Public License) and can be downloaded from

Murdoc is maintained by Sjaak Laan.